Viewing whereyougonnabe data with an iCal feed

Another convenient mechanism we provide for viewing whereyougonnabe data is to see it in your standard calendar software, such as Outlook, Apple iCal, or Google Calendar. This is done using a mechanism called an iCal feed.

To set this up, just click on Settings at the top right of the whereyougonnabe application screen, then scroll down and click on this link:

This will bring up a pop-up window with a link. In most systems you can just click on this and the feed will be added to your calendar software. Or if you prefer, you can right click and copy the link, then paste it in the appropriate place.

Then you will be able to view whereyougonnabe activities, including information about which friends you will be close to, directly within your calendar software, like this:

whereyougonnabe data in an iCal feed
In most calendar software, you can click on a link to see full details about any item within the whereyougonnabe application.

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