Getting Around

Getting Around

Whereyougonnabe has four tabs. You can navigate between these tabs by clicking from one to the other along the top.

Finding Help

Contextual help is available throughout the application. Hover over a question mark icon for useful tips.
"Help" is always available in the upper-right hand corner.

Home Tab

The home tab shows an overview of the activities of you and your friends.

Clicking on the links will take you to the map tab and highlight either individual activities or show you all the activities for the friend's image that you clicked on. 

Create Tab

The create tab gives you an easy way to create new activities. It's as easy as:
  1. Search for a location.
  2. Enter activity details.
  3. Save the activity.


Map Tab

The map tab allows you to view your activities, your friends' activities, and interesting interactions.

You can change the map display using the dropdown list at the top of the tab. Clicking an icon on the map will highlight a row in the table, and vice versa.
mapClick gridClick

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