Creating an Activity

You can create activities by synchronization with other systems, or on the Create tab within whereyougonnabe.

The minimum information you need to provide to create an activity in whereyougonnabe is (1) a location and (2) a start and end date. You can also provide a variety of optional information.

Specifying a location

To tell us the location of your activity, type something into the location search textbox: 

This can be the name of a business, as in this example, an address, or just a city name. If you don't see what you're looking for in the list, try to be more specific in your search.

This will populate the location description and address fields on the right - you can update the location description if you wish.

Date and Time

You need to set a start and end date (and optionally time) in the "Required Information" section:

The start date and time defaults to shortly after the current time, to make it easy to enter short term events.

Optional Information

In addition to the required fields already mentioned, you can specify some optional fields. Here is a list of the optional fields, with a brief description of each: 

  • Title and status: here you can describe your activity - for example "having dinner" or "chilling out at the beach". The status message is only used if you have configured the system to update your Facebook status or Twitter.

    The status is set to a sensible default based on the title and location, but you can edit this if you wish.
  • Update Facebook? and Update Twitter? - check these boxes if you want Facebook status and Twitter to be updated when the activity starts:

  • You need to configure your settings to use these options. Your Facebook status will be reset to its previous value when the activity ends. With Twitter we just send the status message at the beginning of the activity.
  • Privacy - this defines who can see your activity. Possible values are:
    • Friends: only your Facebook friends can see it (Default)
    • Public: anyone can see it, for example in WYTV
    • Private: nobody else can see this it, you will still be informed of any (non-private) activities close by
  • Probability - how likely is it that this will happen? Defaults to Definitely, alternative values are Probably and Maybe .
  • Comments - for any more details you want to add.


To create the activity, press "Save". You will see a message telling you whether we know of any friends who will be close to you at this time. If we find out later that friends will be close, we will email you to let you know.

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